MOMS Club® of Nazareth, PA

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Welcome to the MOMS Club of Nazareth, PA!

Are you a stay-at-home mom with young children? Interested in meeting other local moms and their children for day outings? 

Joining the MOMS Club of Nazareth, PA is a great way to make lasting friendships and great memories for both you and your children.

Many moms decide to join the MOMS Club to connect with other at-home moms or so their children can be around other children their own age.  We offer many fun activities and a chance to experience a variety of what our area has to offer.  What if you don't live in Nazareth?  Members of the MOMS Club of Nazareth live in Nazareth as well as its surrounding areas.  


While we do urge all members to participate when they are able to whether through hosting, volunteering, and/or attending events to help make our club successful, we do not have attendance requirements.  You can be as involved as fits your family's schedule.